Now there are -3- ways to get  your Manna Cards!
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Manna Cards provide a way to support the activity of our Mission Committee at no actual cost to you as a member of CUCC. It is a simple process. You purchase gift cards from the Mission Committee’s Manna team and the Mission Committee receives a discount or rebate based on the cards you buy. But you receive full value for each card you purchase.  There are a ton of merchants, and cards are sold at various price points. To see the current list download CUCC’s Manna Form . If you pay $10 for a $10 gift card, when you take it to the merchant you pay for a $10 purchase with the card. The discount or rebate is paid by the merchant and not by you! The Mission Committee can then use the funds to support a myriad of causes, often those that come up mid-year and were not included in the original budget for missions. It’s a good deal all the way around. In 2014, the net proceeds of Manna Card sales was $4456, and increase of more than $650 over the prior year.  Thanks to all who made this possible!

th Manna Cards may be used for your every day shopping, for special purchases, and as great gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, as report card rewards or just because!  We have cards for grocery stores, department stores,  pharmacies, clothing stores, hardware and home improvement stores, travel, gasoline service stations, online services and many, many more!  To see the current list download CUCC’s Manna Form


Here are a few examples of how you can work some Missions Magic with Manna:

If your family spends only $50 a week at Jewel Foods, and you use Manna Cards for your purchases, in a year, CUCC would earn $104. If 50 families did the same thing, CUCC would earn $5200 in a year!

Or, if you spend $300 a month for gasoline at Shell, in one year we would earn $108. If 25 families did the same thing, earn $2700 that year.

Or, if at Christmas, you purchased a $25 Options gift card that is good at Old Navy, GAP, and Banana Republic for each of your 4 grand children we’d earn $14. If 20 Grandparents did the same thing, CUCC would earn $280.

One members who uses a Manna Card to purchase a $4.00 Starbuck’s drink on the way to work 5 days a week, would earn CUCC $72.80 in a year

See how easy that is?

Here are the -3- ways to order your Manna Cards

    • Traditional Paper and Pen Order Form: The Manna Team sets up a table in Fellowship Hall during the coffee hour after worship each week.  You fill out an order form, write a check for the cards you’d like to order, and pick them up the following Sunday.  They even have some of the more popular cards available for immediate purchase, no waiting!  Forms are available at the table, at the church office, or may be downloaded from this site: Manna Form  . If you can’t make it to coffee hour, just get your order and check payment to the church office before Sunday, clearly marked “Manna Card Order” and the Team will do the rest.  And if you forget to pick up your order the following Sunday, we will hold them for you, or they can be picked up in the church office during regular office hours
    • Order Online for Sunday Pick-up*:  You can also place an order from your computer, smartphone or tablet at  Orders placed before  Sunday morning will be available for pickup at church the following Sunday.  You pay online using an electronic transfer from your checking account. (No credit or debit cards, sorry)
    • Order eGift Cards for Immediate Delivery to your eMail*: There are over 40 merchants who offer Instant delivery via email of Gift Certificates which may also be ordered at . See the list below for eGift Cards you can order for immediate delivery, returned to the email address you specify.  You pay online using an electronic transfer from your checking account. (No credit or debit cards, sorry. Here’s a list of vendors who are offering eGIFT CARDS by almost instant email when purchased online with the available card denominations and percent CUCC can earn:1.800.Flowers $25 eCard (9%) / Aeropostale $25 eCard (8%) / $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1000 eCards (3%)
      AMC / $25 eCard (8%) Applebee’s $25 eCard (8%) / Barnes and Noble $25 eCard (8%)
      Bass Pro Shops $50 eCard (9%) / Bath & Body Works $25 eCard (13%) / Best Buy $50 eCard (3%)
      Boscov’s $25 eCard (7%) / Caribou Coffee $25 eCard (6%) / Casual Male $25 eCard (7%)
      Celebrity Cruises $100, $250 and $500 eCards (9%) / Champs Sports $25 eCard (8%)
      Charity Choice $25 eCard (9%) / Cheesecake Factory $25, $50 and $100 eCards (5%)
      Crutchfield $25 eCard (8%) / CVS Pharmacy $50 and $100 eCards (4%) / Domino’s Pizza $25 eCard (8%)
      EB Games $25 eCard (3%) / GameStop $25 eCard (3%) / Gander Mountain $50, $250 and $500 eCard (8%)
      Golfsmith $25 eCard (9%) / Groupon $50 eCard (6%) / Home Depot $50, $100 and $250 eCards (6%)
      Hyatt $50 and $100 eCards (8%) / iTunes $25 eCard (3%) / Jiffy Lube $50 eCard (3%)
      Omaha Steaks $25 eCard (8%) / P.F. Changs $25 eCard (8%) / Petco $25 eCard (7%) / QVC $25 eCard (5%)
      Regal Entertainment $24 eCard (9%) / Sephora $25 eCard (5%) / Spa Week $25 and $100 eCards (12%)
      Staples $50 eCard (5%) / Starbucks $10, $25, $50 and $100 eCards (7%) / Target $25 eCard (2%)
      Uno Chicago Grill $25 eCard (12%)/ Walmart $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500 eCards (2%)
      Xbox Live $25 eCard (6%)

All Manna Card orders must be paid when placed, by check, or online, by an electronic charge to your checking account. Debit and credit cards are NOT accepted. Banks charge merchants for processing and that charge would diminish our rebate/discount. Ordering online requires pre-registration.

*For either of the electronic ordering methods, you first need an account number and password, provided by our Manna Team coordinators. Simply contact Carol Ludemann at or Charlotte Surta at to get started. They will also give you a few simple directions, and answer any questions you might have about the program. The remaining instructions are online at the web site when you are ready to go.